Andrew Boyle & Michael Draper

Dates: 12 April, 2023 - 13 May, 2023
Reception: 4 May, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Project Ability Gallery
Admission: free

Andrew Boyle & Michael Draper

two artworks from the exhibittion

Project Ability is pleased to present the work of two artists from our Aspire studios. Andrew Boyle and Michael Draper have each shown a steadfast dedication to their artistic practice and an ongoing progression of skill along with an innate talent for composition and technique.

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Andrew Boyle has a fascination with the fantastical. He draws inspiration from television and film, taking imagery from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings and other epic fantasy world programmes. Using his talent for drawing, Andrew sketches out his compositions intricately including each detail, creating pictures that are saturated with colour and form. In addition to the other worldly landscapes, Andrew also has a great skill in drawing animals, and often recreates the creatures from these fantasy landscapes. There is a touch of magic in each of Andrew’s paintings on paper. We can dive into these worlds and be enveloped by their delightful intricacies. Whether recreating another world from Star Wars or Harry Potter, or showing his love of wildlife through paintings of lizards and birds, Andrew’s own personal style is strong and clearly evident across the entire body of work.

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Michael Draper‘s landscapes are more grounded to Earth and the landscapes we see around us. He is inspired by the natural landscape, and creates his paintings on paper in a quiet, subtle colour palette. The landscapes show vast areas of wilderness, sometimes spotted with buildings or other manmade structures, but it is clear it is the love of the natural landscape that drives Michael’s aesthetic. The way in which he carries forward from artwork to artwork this idea of a vast expanse of land, crossing water, fields and forests, creates a feeling of appreciation and fragility of our delicate world. Most of his artworks are places in Scotland. Viewed together they give a sense of the rural peace we find when we get out into nature. Michael is a keen photographer and his paintings are created by using his photographs as source material.

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Together, Andrew Boyle and Michael Draper create two worlds, one of fantasy and one of the real world. Both as beautiful and enticing as the other; we have chosen to exhibit them together to create an exhibition that both grounds us and takes us far far away.

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most of the artworks are available to purchase.


11-5, Wednesday – Saturday

Trongate 103, 1st Floor

Free entry / wheelchair accessible toilet and lift to first floor gallery