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Project Ability is excited to announce a brand new venture and partnership! Some time ago now we were approached about an art auction raising funds for a very important cause;  animal welfare all over the world. Project Ability is one of three support studios involved in this fundraising event which takes the shape of an online auction of a wonderful selection of paintings.

We are proud to have contributed work by Project Ability Aspire artists, Doreen Kay, Tommy Mason, Cameron Morgan, Steven Reilly, Amna Sharif and Rehan Yousuf.

Organised by ifaw (International Fund for Animal Welfare) and Leading Australian auction house Leonard Joel, this online auction is the first of its kind and we couldn’t be happier to be involved. Read all about it below and register if you are interested in seeing how it all unfolds!

On October 4th 2021 (World Animal Day), IFAW Board member John Albrecht will host “Art to Roam”, a special global online auction event you won’t want to miss.

“Art to Roam” brings people and animals together globally to appreciate extraordinary humans and be a part of the solution to save Africa’s iconic elephants. The event is a collaboration between three unexpected connections—IFAW, supported studios across the world and Australian auction house Leonard Joel.

Leading Australian auction house Leonard Joel has a long-standing relationship with IFAW. In 2016 we collaborated to create and implement a voluntary policy to cease auction trade in elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn in Australia. Since then, Leonard Joel Chairman John Albrecht has been an advocate for both the wider adoption of this policy and industry change.

As part of “Art to Roam”, we are working with Leonard Joel and their relationship with supported studios around the world. Supported studios are creative environments that support artists with specific health or social needs and advocate for their inclusion within the community. Through these studios, neurodiverse artists are able to empower themselves and develop professional growth in the art sector.

Never before have supported studios from around the world joined hands in this way to help people and wildlife together. All proceeds will benefit involved studios, artists and IFAW’s Room to Roam project—an initiative that connects safe corridors for elephants and promotes coexistence. By partnering with local communities, governments, land owners and wildlife rangers, we connect protected landscapes across East and Southern Africa and create the room elephants need to roam.

Our “Art to Roam” event will be virtually screened live for people across the world to unite and raise funds for remarkable artists and a critical conservation project in Africa; Room to Roam.

View the digital flipbook of the artwork that will be available to purchase during the auction now.

For more information about the supported studios, the artists and the artwork that will be available during the auction register now.

Project Ability artworks in the auction can be viewed in the gallery below:

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