Are Ye Dancin…Are Ye Askin? in Sweden!

For the summer of 2022 the brand new Stockholm theatre, Telefonfabriken, will be showing a selection of paintings from Cameron Morgan’s exhibition, Are Ye Dancin… Are Ye Askin?

Along with the opportunity to exhibit the paintings, Cameron was interviewed for the Swedish magazine, iMAGO!

Here are a couple short excerpts from the interview:

Have you always been interested in art?

I have always been interested and very early I wanted to become an artist. There was a small room in the house where I lived.

There I could go and paint. I wanted to become an artist and knew that I would somehow become one, says Cameron.

How do you figure out what you want to do and how do you get inspiration here?

I am inspired by everything around. First I work with the form and when I have it ready for me, I continue working with the composition.             

From sketches, I then go over the form and composition to a painting on canvas, Cameron explains.

What material do you find most fun to work with?

Charcoal, watercolor and ink. I have a hard time saying which is my favorite material, but I also really like working in oil.Clay is another

material that I have worked on a lot in recent years, but it has not worked during the pandemic. Right now I am working on embroidery.

You can download the Swedish iMAGO magazine via the link below: