Project Ability’s 2021 Annual Christmas Exhibition

The Time Is Now

20 November – 23 December

Open: Wed – Sat, 11am – 5pm
Free | Wheelchair accessible

Over 50 artists come together to address the climate crisis

In an open call for our Christmas exhibition, we invited artistic responses to the climate emergency. The Time is Now reflects artists’ climate hopes, dreams and fears.

Studies of wildlife reveal aspects of the world our artists’ cherish and hope to protect, with portraits of red pandas, polar bears, wild cats and penguins.

Through landscapes, some artists have imagined a utopia where nature flourishes, whilst others show the realities the world faces now – with scenes of forest fires expressing urgency.

Amongst the nature studies and landscapes, there are abstract pieces that anxiously ponder the future, and celebrate the power of collective action.

Over 50 artists will exhibit their climate-themed artwork in our gallery. Our hope is that the show will inspire visitors to continue to learn and speak out on environmental issues – the time is now.

Most of the artwork is for sale, with profits split evenly between Project Ability and the artists.

Featured image: “After the Fire there is Always Hope” by Mhairi MacDonald 

The Time Is Now at Project Ability


Artworks Gallery


Almost every artwork is available to purchase!

Drop us an email or give us a ring if you are interested: || 0141 552 2822

Exhibiting artists

Alan Dott, Alan McGillveray, Andrew Crosbie, Anna Russell, Anne Smith, Cameron Morgan, Catherine Rankin, Celine Mcilmunn, Cheryl Hick, Christopher Newman, Coltrane Brady, Denise Adams, Dianne Mears, Doreen Kay, Dylan Mackenzie, Edward Henry, Erin Keogh, Fiona Donald, Flannery O’Kafka, Gary Turner, Grant Glennie, Helen Birnbaum, Ian Bruin, Jack Woodlock, Jahre Tasfia Reza, Jennifer Smith, John Cocozza, John Heath, John McNaught, John Paul Donnelly, Joseph Sharp, Joyce Davies, Judith Abubakar, Kathleen Crilly, Katy Barton, Kristina Marqvardt, Laura Lovin, Lisbet Hemse, Malin Karlsson, Marina Devlin, M T Clements, Melissa Paton, Mhairi Macdonald, Michael Draper, Paul Rankin, Peter Johnston, Polly Burnett, Rachel Hook, Roddy Woods, Rosie Snaith, Ruth Mutch, Sarah Dalzell, Steven Hardy, Steven Reilly, Struan Robb, Susan Mack, Tanya Raabe-Webber, Tommy Kemp, Tommy Mason