Lockdown Postcards by Mhairi Macdonald

Today we are looking at three postcards made as part of our Lockdown Postcard project. These three postcards have been made by Project Ability artist Mhairi Macdonald. Mhairi normally lives on her own in what she lovingly refers to as the pod. Due to the pandemic, she and her family decided it would be a better lockdown if they were all together, so Mhairi has been living at home for the past year. She’s been enjoying the extra family time but is missing her independence too.

Mhairi also has family over in Canada who she would normally visit throughout the year. This year is an exception of course, and the sentiment is felt in these images. Sunny skies and happy times gone by, but things to look forward to as well. Many of us have been separated from family members far longer than we would ever want to be, and we are all looking forward to being able to go places and see loved ones again.

There has been an exciting new edition to the household during lockdown, the family’s first electric car. It got a mention in one of the postcards – a new feature to the household and a sign of the times for sure! When things get back to normal it will be perfect for travel between the ‘pod’ and the ‘Sonas’ family residence!

When Project Ability is open, Mhairi and her mother Mary-Anne help us out with invigilating our gallery and shop. We will often find them working on an arts and craft project at the reception desk, with the computer tuned into a live webcam at the zoo, watching baby animals being adorable. Happy times and simple pleasures… and ones we really look forward to returning!

Enjoy these lovely postcards from Mhairi’s Lockdown.


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