Studio Pavilion x Project Ability

Dates: 3 November, 2021 - 31 January, 2022
Location: ART LOVER’S CAFE, House For An Art Lover

Studio Pavilion x Project Ability

Project Ability is delighted to announce an exhibition of work at the Studio Pavilion, Art Lover’s Cafe! Simon McAuley and Cameron Morgan both have a selection of paintings, prints and photographs on display within the grounds of the House for An Art Lover in Glasgow’s Bellahouston park.

Simon McAuley – Dry Drift

Simon McAuley is a painter and photographer based in Glasgow who attends Project Ability’s ReConnect programme. His practice is a personal investigation into radically reducing conventions of painting, landscape and the aesthetics of late modernity. His process-driven oil painting and photographic experimentations test material and conceptual possibilities through an approach of “learning as you go along.” His use of colour creates subtle compositions which distort the natural, while the abstracted forms in his photography, play with minimalism, scale and perception.

Dry Drift is a collection of works made between 2012 – 2016 reflecting Simon’s broad practice and sensibility. In Simon’s words: “I have moved through variations of practice in relation to paint and how it links with what I pursue. Sometimes I will lean on process based work, and on what are seen as reductions, such as materiality, or mixing colour, or mark making. At other times I will enjoy a rawness and spontaneity. The aesthetic evolving by various means.”

Cameron Morgan – The Wakefield Collection

Cameron Morgan is a multi-disciplinary, self-taught artist based in Glasgow who attends Project Ability’s Aspire programme. His prolific practice spans ceramics, painting, drawing, print-making and large-scale murals. Cameron’s signature vibrant aesthetic comes through all of his work, with saturated colours, bold lines and humorous characters. His imaginative hand explores everything from TV shows to everyday objects to the natural world.

This collection of prints was originally made by Cameron in 2017 during a residency and exhibition at The Art House, Wakefield where he experimented with screen-printing alongside expert print-makers, testing bold ideas, playing with colour and abstraction and developing new pathways in his work.

All work will be for sale and 80% of proceeds from exhibition sales will go directly to the artists and to the important work Project Ability do. You can pop in for a look around or sit down and enjoy tea, coffee, cake and more.

Follow this link to the House For An Art Lover’s website for more information!