Portraits of People

painting of Mary Queen of Scots by Lewis Scott
29th July 2019 all-day
Portraits of People

Exhibition Details

Portraits of people

John Cocozza, Rosa Lobato and Lewis Scott

Exhibition 19 July – 10 August

Reception 18 July 5-8pm


Project Ability is pleased to present an exhibition of mixed portraits and peoplescapes by three very distinct artists.

John Cocozza has a highly developed style of portraiture and is often found painting pictures of politicians, modern day royalty and television celebrities. He is one of Project Ability’s ‘live portrait’ artists and has been representing Project Ability at conferences and seminars regularly for the last few years. Cocozza has been attending the Aspire studios at Project Ability for the past 28 years!

Lewis Scott also works at Project Ability in our Aspire studios and although he has a very different style to Cocozza, he is also a very talented artist with a focus on portraiture. Scott has been making art here at Project Ability for over 20 years. For this exhibition he has created a small series of pictures of former kings and queens, which were the initial inspiration for this show!

Lastly, alongside these two Project Ability veterans, we are proud to present, for the first time in our gallery, the work of Spanish artist Rosa Lobato. Lobato works out of the Spanish support studio, Debajo del sombrero. Working in black ink on paper, the artist creates intricate peoplescapes, representing some of the different people and the different places she knows and loves.


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