30 x 30

Dates: 24 November, 2018 - 22 December, 2018
Reception: 23 November, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location: Project Ability Gallery, 1st Floor, Trongate 103, Glasgow
Admission: Free

30 x 30

2018 Supporters Evening Invitation

We are delighted to present our annual Christmas fundraising exhibition: 30 x 30!

This year, we celebrate the artist and their individual practice! Our only theme is size: all works, whether framed or unframed, are 30 x 30 cm.

Project Ability artists and others from further afield submitted paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and collages showcasing their practice.

Each artist was given complete freedom over subject matter, material and medium, the only rule being that the work must be 30 x 30cm.

There will also be a pop-up shop filled with original artworks and unique gift ideas in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

Supporters Night: Friday 23 November 4pm-6pm
Late opening: Thursday 06 December, 6pm – 8pm

We’d like to give a special thanks to our two new exhibition sponsors!

Mitchells Roberton


Exhibiting artists include:

Abdul Jalil
Abigail Gourlay
Adam Alanak
Adam Boyd
Alan Dott
Alan Straiton
Alejandra Tilve
Ali Kamalati
Alison Edward
Allan Oates
Ameena Zafar
Amna Sharif
Andre Plamondon
Andrew Crosbie
Anna Russell
Ashley Campbell
Bel Pye
Bethan Turner
Brian McGinnis
Cameron Morgan
Carole Lee
Cassidy Gusta
Cassie Chaba
Catherine Rankine
Celine Mcilmunn
Cora Retzlaff-Creaney
Cynthia Barteski
Dale Badger
Dan Land
David Bradley
Declan Leslie
Dibby Sim
Dominic Hemphill-Whyte
Doreen Kay
Dylan Lombard
Dylan Mackenzie
Edward Henry
Eileen Davie
Eli Abada
Emma Dunn
Erin Keogh
Evelyn Somerville
Fiona Scott
Frank Mullen
Gabriel McBryan
Gary Turner
Gemma Dunn
George McLeod
George Williamson
Gerard Gallagher
Grant Glennie
Greg Coultas
Guy Pentland
Hana Wilde
Hannah Logan
Hannah Ryles
Harry Mclean
Hazel Miller
Heather Boulton
Helen Biney
Holly Costley
Holly Sabourin
Ian Bruin
Ian Mearns
James Greenough
James Hardie
James Jimbo
James Smith
Jamie Laventure
Jamie Smith
Jan Thomson
Jaqui Smyth
Jerry Abraham
Jerry Kimbo
Jim Graham
Jo Bass
John Cocozza
John Colvin
John Forsyth
John McNaught
Jonathan Barr
Jonathan McKinstry
Joseph Whales
Joy Bain
JR Ewen
Judith Abubakar
Julianna Yee
Julie Boyce
Katie Oliver
Katy Barton
Kenny Bruce
Kenny Donnelly
Kieran Muir
Kieren Stevens
Kimberly Kenyon
Kirsty MacFarlane
Krisstel Bentley
Kristina Kapeljuh
Kwok Kin Chan
Kyle Morrison
Lina Bruni
Linda Tulloch
Louise Montgomery
Louise Robertson
Lucy Phillips
Luigi Bertonesi
Margaret Booth
Margaret Mcinnes
Marina Devlin
Mark Walters
Martha Orbach
Martin Sloss
Matthew Gaffney
Mhairi Macdonald
Mia Tinston
Michael McMullen
Michael Stark
Michael Yelding
Milton Livingston
Morag MacGilchrist
MT Clements
Neil Barton
Niki Michailidu
Owen Scullion
Pamela McMahon
Patricia Morgan
Patricia Moses
Patsy Gorman
Paul Connelly
Paul Dowden
Paul McGregor
Paul Rankin
Pauline Jackson
Peter Johnston
Philippa Marshall
Rachel Hook
Ralph Douglas
Randy Stennes
Rehan Yousuf
Robert Armstrong
Robert Cornish
Ronald McCulloch
Ross Agnew
Ruth Mutch
Saffron Wright
Sarah Hebson
Sarah Jane McColl
Scott Smith
Serena Laborante
Simon Haw
Simon McAuley
Sophie Grindlay
Sophie O’Brien
Steven Reilly
Struan Robb
Stuart Low
Suzie McCormack
Thomas Owen
Thomas Willis
Tommy Kemp
Tommy Mason
Tracy McGovern
Ulrike Rossier