.Altered Space

Luca Agathogli    |  The Stokesley Brothers   | Thomas Owen   

with audio descriptions by

Sally Hirst









About x3 and ‘Altered Space’

We kicked off our ‘x3’ project in March, working with our friends at ActionSpace and Venture Arts to bring our artists’ work to your screens! Following on from ‘Electric Dreams‘, hosted by Venture Arts, we will be presenting ‘Altered Space‘ online from May 28.

‘Altered Space’ explores the ways we view our environment, reflecting on the past year and the resulting shift in how we interact with space. In this second instalment of our x3 project, Luca Agathogli (Venture Arts), Thomas Owen (ActionSpace) and Ronnie & Paul Stokesley (Project Ability) share their unique perspectives and way of viewing our physical world.

‘ALTERED SPACE’: about the artists:

Luca Agathogli is a young emerging artist working with Venture Arts supported studios since 2013.  Luca creates intricate artworks that reflect, and fantastically reimagine, his surroundings. He uses digital and analogue photography alongside computer graphics, usually Photoshop, to merge his fascination with the world around him with colourful and fantastical influences, such as digital fantasy style landscapes and online graphic novels, to produce his intricate and multi-layered art works.

Working out of ActionSpace, Thomas Owen draws from everyday life, combining figures, objects and architecture to build complex layered images that explore his environment. Using coloured pens, Thomas Owen builds up intricate marks to depict surfaces, places and pattern. Using different angles Thomas patchworks together vibrant blocks combining abstracted and figurative forms.

Ronnie & Paul Stokesley both work out of Project Ability studios, boldly expressing their unique perspectives on paper. Ronnie is known for his attention-grabbing compositions, and in Paul’s work we see many of his brother’s minimal shapes extracted, scaled up, and given their own canvas. Sharing workspace and zoom-time, the Stokesley Brothers make an effective artistic team, supporting and encouraging each other’s practice. Their work speaks to the power of family, friendship and art to see us through difficult times.

Did you miss the first exhibition in this series, ‘Electric Dreams’? It’s not too late to view the exhibition here.