As Time Stood Still – Part Two

Dates: 29 January, 2021 -
Location: online viewing only

As Time Stood Still – Part Two

Here we are in 2021 and coming up to a whole year since the corona virus came to the UK. It’s been tough, and we all just want it to be over. Thankfully, we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. And so we begin 2021 with hope and optimism, and…. we are delighted to say, another amazing exhibition of artworks made during the 2020 lockdowns!

Project Ability is aware of the isolation and loneliness felt by so many people during the last year, and we have been working to reach out to many of the Project Ability artists who would normally be in the studios at Trongate 103. We are grateful for the support we’ve been given which has enabled us to develop this new practice. Our tutors have been connecting with artists over the phone, by post and through video calls – keeping people inspired and connected wherever possible. Some artists who may never have been online before are now joining in on video workshop calls! It has been wonderful to see the dedication and talent that has persevered through all of last year’s hardships.

We can not wait to reopen our studio and gallery doors later in 2021. However, for now, we are pleased to virtually share with you this amazing selection of work; as varied as it is united, under one big nation wide lockdown. Stay safe everyone and enjoy being creative and making art at home!

The artworks in this exhibition have all been created during lockdown, outside of the normal studio, and during the strangest of times. This is the second part of the exhibition ‘As Time Stood Still’, and is testament to the dedication these artists have to their practice. It’s been really interesting to see how different people have adapted their practice to suit their new work area, whether that be a kitchen table, living room or bedroom, study or shed! New sizes and new mediums, along with some new subject matter as well – together it has all made for fascinating viewing!

There is a story behind every art work here and we will be sharing some of these stories in our blog and social media over the coming weeks. For now, if you’d like to find out more about any of the artworks in the gallery below, just get in touch!



         As Time Stood Still

                                 Part Two…


A stop-frame animation by Joseph Sharpe



Exhibiting Artists:

Judith Abubakar, Richard Anderson, Andrew Boyle, Polly Burnett, Bel Pye, Stuart Christie, Richardson Clifford, John Cocozza, Andrew Crosbie, Marina Devlin, Fiona Donald, Alan Dott, Michael Draper, Jim Feeney, Linda Hamilton, Dominic Hemphill-Whyte, Edward Henry, Pauline Jackson, Peter Johnston, Doreen Kay, Stuart Low, Mhairi Macdonald, Kirsty Macfarlane, Tommy Mason, Sian Mather, Simon McAuley, Jonathan McKinstry, John McNaught, Cameron Morgan, Tom Muir, Ruth Mutch, Christopher Newman, Obi Oguguo, Lindsay Oliphant, Aileen Paterson, Lucy Phillips, Catherine Rankine, Anna Russell, Joseph Sharpe, Martin Sloss, Michael Stark, Ronnie Stokesley, Fiona Thornton