Erin Keogh – Patches, lines and colourhands

Dates: 27 January, 2024 - 9 March, 2024
Reception: 27 January, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: Project Ability Gallery
Admission: free

Erin Keogh – Patches, lines and colourhands

‘Erin Keogh – Patches, lines and colourhands’ is the first solo exhibition by Project Ability Create artist, Erin Keogh. Erin works with paint and has developed a unique and inspiring painting practice. With the assistance of her mother Fiona, Erin applies paint to the canvas with her hands, creating patches and lines of bold vivid colours. The colour combinations and strong mark making define her paintings, giving them a strikingly visceral aesthetic. You can feel a sense of power in how the paint has been applied to the canvas. Without the use of brushes or palette knives, Erin creates fresh and energetic compositions. Her hands are her brush and she is continuing to develop this fruitful technique. With her studio assistant Fiona, Erin is able to make definitive choices about her colours and the movement and direction of the marks she makes with her hands. By the end of a painting session Erin has almost become one with her canvas, each being covered in layers of paint, applied with excitement and intent. In addition to working in the Project Ability studios, Erin has a studio set up at home, and over the last few years she has become an artist dedicated to her practice.

We are absolutely delighted to present Erin’s first solo exhibition at the Project Ability gallery. In 2023 Erin was part of a collaborative project with our friends Venture arts and ActionSpace, which resulted in a series of exhibitions titled Abundance. With one final leg of the Abundance exhibition to come, it has been an exciting couple of years for Erin. As a young artist her career is just beginning, and we look forward to being part of her continued development!

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A short film about Erin and her painting practice, made in 2022 by Jerry Clark



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