Fields of Colour

Dates: 18 June, 2019 - 25 August, 2019
Location: Platform, 1000 Westerhouse Rd, Glasgow G34 9JW
Admission: Free

Fields of Colour

Painting by Adnan Mohammed featured in 'Fields of Colour' exhibition

We’re excited to announce we are back at Platform again this year, exhibiting large paintings on canvas by many of the artists that work in Project Ability’s Aspire studios. This is the exhibition our artists work towards throughout the year. It is the one opportunity to go big! We’ve selected many of the large colourful canvases made here at Project Ability over the last year, and there is an amazing array of subject matter, styles and colours going on throughout this exhibition.


Platform is the arts centre at the heart of The Bridge, located in Easterhouse. It offers a year-round programme of cutting edge performance, music, visual arts and participation. Platform views culture and creativity as a bedrock of a healthy and inclusive society.

If you haven’t been there before this exhibition is the perfect opportunity to check it out. In addition to the many events they have throughout the week and weekends, there is a café where you can sit and enjoy coffee and cake!

Project Ability loves being able to show off our large paintings at Platform each year, and we are grateful to be part of their diverse and exciting exhibitions programme!

Exhibiting artists:

Adnan Mohammed, Amna Sharif, Anna Russell, Doreen Kay, Edward Henry, Fiona Donald, Fiona Thornton, Holly Costley, John McNaught, Jonathan McKinstry, Lesley Nimmo, Marina Devlin, Martin Sloss, Matthew Gaffney, Paul Rankine, Ralph Douglas, Rehan Yousuf, Steven Reilly, Tommy Mason, William Docherty