Sharp and to the Point

Dates: 29 February, 2020 - 9 April, 2020
Reception: 29 February, -
Location: Project Ability Gallery, 1st Floor, Trongate 103, Glasgow
Admission: Free

Sharp and to the Point

gigantic ceramic pencils in a large wooden box

‘Sharp and to the Point’ is a solo showcase by Cameron Morgan. 

For those visitors of Project Ability who know Cameron Morgan’s work, these pencils are a natural and logical development from his ongoing series of work titled ‘Knick Knacks and Whatnots’. This concept began a couple of years ago when Cameron was collaborating with Glasgow print maker Charlie Hammond. They focused their art making on a collection of match boxes that Charlie had found in an antique shop. Working together, Cameron and Charlie created a series of prints inspired by these match boxes, and for Cameron this was the beginning of a whole new body of ceramics – one which has captivated his
imagination ever since.

Cameron has long been working with clay, taking familiar and everyday objects and sizing them up in his very particular style: food, phones, match sticks, keys, compasses etc.

The first of the ceramic pencils were shown in a solo show in Belfast with the Bounce festival at the University of ATypical Gallery in late 2019. He has since gone on to make several more and perfected the art of the gigantic ceramic pencil!

This selection of pencils embodies Cameron and his artistic practice. Forever coming up with new and exciting ways to depict the everyday objects we find in our pockets (Knick Knacks and Whatnots), these pencils are the latest object to be represented and super-sized by Cameron.


‘Royal in Green’

‘Berol in Maroon’

‘Osiris in Yellow’ 

‘H Smith in Green’

‘WH Smith in Grey’

‘WH Smith in Black’