Mono Exhibition

by Doreen Kay

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For the past several years Project Ability has had the pleasure of exhibiting artwork at Mono over the festive period. It’s a great opportunity for us to share some of the amazing paintings that are created here through out the year. This year we have a focus on portraiture, with a wide range of characters on display! All artwork is for sale so if you’ve seen something you like, let us know!

Exhibiting artists:

John Cocozza

Ralph Douglas

Pauline Jackson

Doreen Kay

Lewis Scott

above image, ‘Lady with Red Hair’ by Doreen Kay

Mono is a cafe and bar located in Glasgow’s Trongate area. All of their food and drink is free from animal produce.

It’s also home to Monorail music!

Mono make regular donations to Project Ability by giving us the revenue collected from the 5p charge for plastic bags. This adds up to a generous amount. Needles to say we are big fans of Mono and all that goes on there! Just a three minute walk from Project Ability gallery & studios, we thoroughly recommend Mono for food, coffee, drinks and more!