“Rolling the ink…”Project Ability’s gallery education programme 09/10

Rolling the ink

Preview: 3 June 6 – 9pm (as part of Trongate 103 First Thursday)

“Rolling the Ink” is an exhibition of works from Project Ability’s 2009 – 2010 gallery education programme. The project involved pupils from four different ASN schools: East Park, St Raymonds Primary, Kirkrigg Primary, Govan High Autism Unit.

This pilot project started in October 2009, when Project Ability moved into Trongate 103. It has created new opportunities for involving young people with disabilities and teaching and support staff in learning about visual art, galleries, art production and exhibitions.

All works have been produced in response to exhibition themes in Project Ability’s 2009 – 2010 exhibition programme. Each school selected three exhibitions to visit and use for their inspiration. After the initial visit to the gallery each school benefited from three follow up workshops which took place back in the class room. “Rolling the ink…” brings the work back into the gallery.

The children have worked in many different techniques and the exhibition will show; documentary photographs, sculpture, drawing and painting, collage and a site specific work.

This project has been made possible with funding from The Equitable Charitable Trust.