The Language of Situation

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The Language of Situation

jason griffith - The Language of Situation

Today, we receive information faster than we ever have before. With the immediacy of our lives, signs, adverts and visual communications are fleeting and easily dismissed. For this exhibition, participants of Project Ability’s Connect program have been invited to examine and celebrate these otherwise functional forms of information and to explore their own environment and landscapes. The artists involved in this project have drawn influences from varied sources: music, television, comic books, cinema, adverts and packaging and their own immediate environment.

The Language of Situation is an ambitious exhibition incorporating logos, signage, symbols and advertisements rendered in paint, constructing patterns of thought moving from the real to the symbol. This landscape of signs amasses to an abstract configuration of colour and shape with different views of the imagery that is encountered in everyday life depicted large scale and potentially limitless.

All the artworks in the exhibition are for sale (prices vary), please contact Project Ability by email: or call 0141 552 2822.