The Lush Exhibition

Dates: 23 September, 2023 - 28 October, 2023
Reception: 5 October, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: 1st Floor, Project Ability
Admission: Free

The Lush Exhibition

Lush x Project Ability

Earlier in the year Lush approached Project Ability to collaborate on a very exciting project! The beautifully smelling bath and cosmetics company were looking for new designs for their stunning knot wrap collection. We put the brief out to artists across all three of our core programmes and the excitement in the studio was inspiring!

In the end Lush chose two designs – read more here!

This exhibition showcases a selection of the work that was submitted to Lush by over 30 artists.

Gallery images of the exhibition:

Artwork image gallery:

Exhibiting artists

John Baird, Jonathan Barr, Katy Barton, Neil Barton, Lucy Bourne, Kelly Bowes, JM Boyce, Luke Callaghan, Ruth Foley, Grant Glennie, Dominic Hemphill-Whyte, Edward Henry, Rachel Hook, Doreen Kay, Tommy Kemp, Susan Kennedy, Stuart Low, Mhairi Macdonald, Dylan Mackenzie, Tommy Mason, Simon McAuley, Jonathan McKinstry, John McNaught, Cameron Morgan, Christopher Muir, Frank Mullen, Bel Pye, Amna Sharif, Martin Sloss, Jan Thomson, Linda Tulloch, John White