The Residency Show

artwork by Terry Williams from Glasgow Art Exhibition

The Residency Show

Project Ability gallery

Preview 6th June, 6 – 8pm

Exhibition 7th June – 13th July

Project Ability has been offering artist residencies in our Trongate 103 studios for several years. These residencies are explorative in their approach and vary widely from artist to artist, year to year.

The Residency Show features just a small amount of work created during a total of ten different residencies. It’s been a pleasure to host so many artists making so many different types of work. From independently working professional artists to established and emerging artists from support studios around the U.K., Project Ability, and the artists who regularly work here, gain a lot from these experiences. Having different artists with different ideas coming and going from the studios is a real inspiration.

It is a mutually beneficial relationship which continues to bring new people and new art through our doors. Collaborations and solo projects both arise from the residencies, and no two placements are ever the same. This exhibition is a celebration of some of these people and some of the art they’ve made here.

Project Ability would like to thank all of the artists involved, along with the support studios and artist assistants that have helped to enable this programme to be as successful and far reaching as it has been.

Exhibiting artists:

Kwok Kin Chan

Grant Glennie

Tracy Marshall Gorman

Thompson Hall

Mike Inglis

Sandi Kiehlmann

Seamus Killick

David Lorimer

Cameron Morgan

Flannery O’Kafka

Terry Williams


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top image by Terry Williams