This is me, in homage to…

Dates: 3 May, 2019 - 1 June, 2019
Reception: 2 May, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Project Ability, Gallery II, Trongate 103
Admission: Free

This is me, in homage to…

John McNaught solo exhibition

Project Ability proudly presents a diverse body of work made by a very talented artist. John McNaught has the ability to put his hand to any style, recreating a picture as comfortably and skilfully as if it were his own.

McNaught is drawn towards certain styles and periods of art history, focusing on one particular artist or period for some time, mastering their technique before moving on to another.

The majority of the paintings in this show have been created in this manner, some mimicking the original artwork precisely while others have been given a new and unique representation.

McNaught has a true skill with colour, paint and paint brush, and his paintings are a wonder to view. We have selected a cross section of some of the artist’s many different styles for this show, to celebrate not only his admiration of these artists but also the talent required to recreate them.

McNaught found the Project Ability studios later on in life, after suffering a major stroke which he has been working at recovering from ever since. With a supportive family behind him, he has been able to develop his artistic practice as a means of recovery and with a pure sense of enjoyment.