Marina Devlin

Today we are opening up the 2020 lockdown sketchbook of Marina Devlin! This is a delicate and beautiful collection of drawings, on the finest of smooth, off-white notebook paper, using the simplest of materials;  the coloured pencil. The drawings are elegant in their simplicity of form and the softness of the lines suit the different leaves and petals perfectly. They are reminiscent of vintage botanical drawings and Audubon Society prints.

It is lovely to see Marina Devlin working in this new medium. Normally Marina works on canvas, with acrylic paint and in dense full colours. Her compositions are symbolic, complex and exquisitely composed. We absolutely love Marina’s unique style and her ability to share her perspective with us. She is just one of the many personalities we are all missing so much! Project Ability tutor, and follow artist, Sharon Quigley, has been Zooming with Marina over the last several months, and they’ve been sharing creative ideas and stories about life in lockdown.

Project Ability has been checking in with many of our artists, to offer artistic support and to see if they would like some art supplies sent to their home. Our technician Jim has been packing up materials and sending them out to people. Marina received some coloured pens that blend with water like paint. Apparently she was very delighted with these particular pens and declared “I’ve never known anything like that in all my nelly puff!” On this Zoom call Marina happily spent over an hour with Sharon chatting and drawing and in the end critiqued the session by saying to Sharon, “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself”!

We love these beautiful drawings and without knowing exactly what, when or how, we think it is safe to say we will be seeing some of these flora again at some point in our online shop….. tea towel, greeting card postcards…??

Below is a gallery with images of the sketchbook and a couple images from the Zoom art sessions Marina and Sharon are having. The sketchbook has featured in both of our lockdown exhibitions, ‘As Time Stood Still,’ Part One and Part Two. The end of this gallery shows a few of the paintings Marina was working on before the studios closed down. Her paintings tell a complex story where as her drawings are much simpler and lighter. The lockdown sketchbook looks like a good way of sketching out subject matter for composing onto a big canvas, once we are back in the studios!


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