Pet Bowl 2

By: Sooja Massey, Ruth Mutch

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11.5 × 11.5 × 6 cm

The perfect pet bowl has landed in our shop! These new bowls are a collaboration between Sooja Massey and Ruth Mutch. Sooja is a talented potter and can often be found at the pottery wheel in the Project Ability studio. Ruth Mutch, who created the cute graphic style illustrations, is well known for her love of penguins, cats and purple and owns her own brand called ‘Penguin Parade’.

The bowls are part of ‘The Ceramics Exhibition’ which runs from 20th May 2023 – 24th June 2023.

We have 13 pet bowls in our gallery shop, each one unique in size, shape and style. ‘Pet bowl 2’ is 11.5cm wide and 6cm deep, which is one of the deeper bowl available. It has three cat illustrations around the outside and one inside the bowl.


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