Lennox Castle Stories

Lennox Castler Stories

Lennox Castle Stories was a project in 2012-2013 which captured the memories of people who lived in Lennox Castle Hospital. It was a chance for ex-residents to tell their stories of what life was like in the “Castle” and their triumphs and success since leaving.

Lennox Castle Hospital closed ten years ago and for the people who lived there (and worked there) and spent most of their adult life in the Castle, it is a place filled with memories and stories. Four professional artists worked to support people to use sound, drawing, sculpture, photography, animation, writing and more to capture these stories.
The number of people taking part grew each week and we also completed a series of interviews with people who worked in the Hospital and some of the people who were instrumental in managing the closure programme.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery and delivered in partnership with C-Change, the project resulted in the launch of a website dedicated to the stories of the Castle’s ex-residents: http://www.lennoxcastlestories.co.uk