can’t take my eyes off you

Dates: 20 Jan 2018 - 24 Feb 2018
Preview: Saturday 20 January, 1pm-3pm
Location: Project Ability Gallery, 1st Floor, Trongate 103, Glasgow
Admission: Free

can't take my eyes off you is an exhibition of dolls. 

Not just a child’s toy, the doll has been part of civilization since as far back as 2000 BC. The Paddle Doll, pictured below, is thought to be one of the oldest type of doll.

Every civilisation has their own evolution and history of doll making. Materials such as corn, bone, clay, cotton, wood and much more have all been used to make dolls. In addition to toys, they’ve held strong function as fertility charms, company in the afterlife and as important symbols during religious ceremonies.

can’t take my eyes off you showcases dolls from as far afield as we could spread the word; Canada, Australia, Sweden to name a few. Over 50 artists in total, working in supported studios as well as artists working independently have been selected in this juried exhibition. When we announced the open call we couldn't have expected the vast amount of submissions we would receive. It has exceeded our expectations in every way. There’s a lot of love out there for the doll, and ‘can’t keep my eyes off of you’ has been curated to give the viewer as much to look at as possible!

Exhibiting artists:
Andrew Omoding, Aodhan McGrory, Balerie Conner, Britt O, Cameron Morgan, Chang Im Ohlsson, Colin Aoda, Dumitra Keogh, Doreen Kay, Edward Henry, Eloise Wooding, Emma Dunn, Gary Turner, Hanna Björklund, Harison Eaton, Hazel Mavin, Jack Woodall, Jacqui Smyth, James Hardy, James Smith, Jenny Nyborg, John McNaught, Jonathan McKinstry, Karen Suzuki, Kate Bradbury, Kieran Vane, Klaus Pinter, Leanora Brophy, Lesley Nimmo, Lewis Scott, Linda Tulloch, Maddison Collins, Margaret Booth, Margaret McInnes, Melisa Paton, Mhairi Macdonald, Michael McMullen, Morag MacGilchrist, Natalie McIlroy, Natasha Ramjoorawon, Norman Sutton-Hibbert, Patricia Sigurd, Paul Rankin, Pauline Jackson, Petra Mueller, Ragna Lallerstedt, Robert Cornish, Roza Pedari, Ruth Mutch, Ruth Stiven, Sam Ahlstrand, Sandi Kiehlmann, Sandra Ormiston, Sarah Milne, Scott Smith, Seamus Killick, Steven Reilly, Terence Wilde, Thomas Willis, Tommy Mason.

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