Alan Moore

Alan Moore is an artist working in Project Ability’s ReConnect studios. He has a beautiful style of working; loose and detailed, with a delicate hand that captures the essence of his subjects. Some of our favourite drawings by Moore, shown below, are of of cats. These pieces have a dream like quality to them, and perfectly present the idea of the feline in addition to their physical characteristics.

Included below are also a few landscapes which are made up of two pages each from the artist’s sketchbooks. Again, we love the expressive qualities of these works, and the amount of detail packed into each one gives the viewer a lot of information to take in. These can be investigated by the eye for some time and still be revealing new hidden elements.

Moore has been an artist with Project Ability for several years, and his quiet way of art making has slowly caught our attention. Whether it be pencil, pen watercolour or oil, Moore has a distinct aesthetic which shines through in his work.

Alan 's Work