Artwork of the Week -by Ronnie Stokesley

Artwork of the Week is another gem from our current exhibition, ‘As Time Stood Still’. Ronnie Stokesley has a distinct style and way of composing his paintings. The gorgeous and unusual colour palette in this painting caught our eye straight away. And we love the way the blue lines work to hold the shapes down onto the paper. Stokesley’s painting practice has developed over the last few years since we first met him in the Project Ability studios, and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know him and his practice. All of the work in ‘As Time Stood Still’ was made by Project Ability artists, during lockdown and outwith the Project Ability studios. We’ve been so impressed with their output! We received so much work that this exhiibtion will be followed by a part 2! Have a look at part 1 of the show and take the virtual tour!