Meet the Volunteer: Gabrielle Lockwood

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Continuing with our celebrations of Volunteers Week, we are delighted to introduce another of our fantastic volunteer team, Gabrielle Lockwood!

Are you a graduate or undergraduate artist? Can you tell us what course you are on, or a little about your art practice?

I am a graduate from The Glasgow School of Art and the Royal Drawing School. I’m an artist and educator. My own practice is based around painting and printmaking.

In what workshop did you volunteer?

I volunteer in the Aspire programme on Wednesday mornings.

volunteer with artist at Project Ability

Why did you apply to volunteer at Project Ability?

I applied to volunteer because I was interested to find out more about the programmes offered by Project Ability.

Having recently moved back to Glasgow, after having been living elsewhere for several years, I was keen to meet new people and be involved in different communities in Glasgow.

Within my own studio work I have quite a solitary practice, so I wanted to have the opportunity to be involved and witness the making process of other artists, to observe different creative practices.

I’ve worked within many different art educational institutions and have always been interested in students who are non-normative learners, those who are able to express a little bit of how they see the world from a different perspective. I enjoy helping find ways to foster situations in which people can express themselves though a creative process. Having been so impressed by the work on display in the Project Ability exhibition space I was inspired to find out more.

volunteer with artist at project ability art class

Did your experience live up to your expectations?

Yes I have found the sessions a wonderfully welcoming and inclusive space. I have met so many brilliant and talented people.

I’ve been so inspired and encouraged by the can-do and supportive attitude of the tutors to meet the needs of each participant with patients and thoughtfulness, and have been so impressed by the talent, commitment and focus of the participants. It has been a real pleasure to be able to witness the amazing work being created during these session.

What have you learned from your experience with us?

I have learned a great deal from both the tutors and the participants of the Aspire programme at Project Ability.

I have been so impressed by the tutors calmness and willingness to solve problems at the pace demanded of each individual. Each person’s work is treated with such respect and the tutors have a wonderful balance of facilitating the work while allowing each artist to take the lead on creating and developing their own works.

I have also learned a lot from the participants and been so inspired by the energy and gusto each artist throws into their work. As an artist myself I have found watching the work being created on the programme extremely invigorating.

Volunteer with artist at Project Ability

Do you have a favourite Project Ability artist or art work that has stood out for you?

During my time volunteering I have worked quite a bit with Neil. He has been such an interesting person to get to know, he’s got a lot of energy and likes to chat while he’s working. During the term he has been drawing, painting and making books. It’s been really interesting to watch him create his works while hearing about what’s in his head while making. He has such a distinctive style and he talks openly about how he finds it calming for him to make his work. I often have his words still in my mind as I go into my studio later in the day, buoyed up and encouraged by his positive attitude, uninhibited mark making, and self-encouraging confidence in his results.

Would you recommend others to volunteer with us?

Yes I would recommend volunteering with Project Ability, I think that it is an incredible organisation, well set-up and run so that volunteers can gain a great deal from being a apart of it.

Any other comments?

Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer with project Ability I have really enjoyed it!

volunteer art class project ability

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