Walking Group: Goma

On Thursday the 19th of October the Walking Group were invited to a preview of Beagles & Ramsey’s new show at GOMA. ‘NHOTB & RAD’ standing for “New Heads On The Block and Rope-A-Dope”.  Exploring fashion and politics, they have created a pretend fashion house with 3 distinct collections. In the center of the room is a catwalk with couture items, a huge tudor style gown in yellow, adorned in so much branding it seems more black than yellow from a distance. At one side is a boutique with the ‘Holding Pattern’ a capsule collection of clothing. On the other is ‘Zero’ a sports-workwear collection. The clothes are modeled by mannequins created from flat pack furniture and discarded office items. Themes run throughout the ‘branding’ a tooth, a sausage, the number 0, a bone and the triangle shape. It feels like a real brand and given the gift shop is selling clothing and accessories it can almost become a real one too. More information can be found at www.nhotbrad.com The show runs until 28th April 2024.

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