Everyone@trongate103 at Touchbase

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Everyone@trongate103 at Touchbase

Everyone@trongate103 at Touchbase

Everyone@trongate103 is an action research project funded by Engage Scotland which involved the building of new partnerships between Project Ability, Glasgow Print Studio, Street Level Photoworks, GMAC and Pamis.

The premise of the project was to consider how the arts organisations housed in Trongate 103 could include people with profound and multiple disabilities in their programmes as consumers and producers of art.

In partnership with Pamis, an organisation established to provide support for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD), their family and paid carers we invited four members of the public to attend a series of five workshops at Trongate 103.

The participants along with their carers were joined by artists Alicia Bruce (Street Level), Alain Johnston (GMAC), Meredith Crone (Project Ability) and Zephyr Liddel (Glasgow Print Studio). The project base was located in the Artist Studio on the 2nd floor of Trongate 103and each week the team spread out and explored the galleries and public spaces, afterwards bringing their ideas back to the workshop where they made work using the techniques and media they had seen in the exhibitions.

At the time of the workshops Project Ability’s exhibition was “Artist in Residence – a group show of work made during Project Ability’s 2011 artist in residency programme. This exhibition inspired people to explore paint, work on canvas and build ceramic objects. The Glasgow Print Studio was showing work by Jacki Parry and this encouraged a series of printmaking workshops. The exhibition at Street Level Photowork’s was “What Presence! The Rock Photography of Harry Papadopoulos”, The work led to a series of staged portraits and time spent in the darkroom.

This exhibition at Touchbase, the head office of Sense Scotland, showcases the work made by the project team and includes a series of photographs documenting the workshop process.