Magnetic Forces

Dates: 22 October, 2009 - 28 November, 2009
Admission: Free

Magnetic Forces

Ntiense Eno Amooguaye

Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye, Selina Helene, Mawuena Kattah, Doreen McPherson, Philomena Powell and Clifton Wright (Intoart) and Elspeth Blair, Edward Henry, Doreen Kay, Robert McCamley, Ronnie McCulloch, Tommy Mason, Cameron Morgan, Robert Reddick (Project Ability).

‘Magnetic Forces’ is a collaborative exhibition between Project Ability artists and Intoart a London based art group.

‘Magnetic Forces’ brings together two groups of artists who have a learning disability. The two groups have throughout the year been working together, meeting in London on two occasions and exchanging news and information by post and email.

The artists have a developed awareness of their artistic expression and are working to achieve a high level of independent artistic practice.

This exhibition consists of new work that expresses and expands the artists’ individual interests.

On Friday 23rd of October, 1pm the two artist groups will be discussing their studio practice and their work in the exhibition. Project Ability artists can be available at other times to discuss their work.

On Thursday 5th of November, 5 – 9pm Trongate 103 organisations will host First Thursday. This is a monthly event and a good chance to see exhibitions after hours.