Rachel Hook, Solo Exhibition

Dates: 7 December, 2012 - 9 January, 2013
Location: MONO, 12 Kings Court, Glasgow G1 5RB
Admission: Free

Rachel Hook, Solo Exhibition

Rachel Hook Solo Exhibition

Project Ability is very pleased to present, for the first time, a solo exhibition of work by Rachel Hook in our annual MONO showcase.  Rachel works in our Create programme and is a painter of insistently elaborate shapes which she precariously balances on stark white paper or paints onto brightly layered canvases.

In Rachel’s work, colour is important; a flaming haze that roars across shadowy backgrounds in a seductive flurry of collisions between dashes, stripes and brush strokes.  Scale, too, is important; from small intricate works to very large bold statements.  Rachel’s compositions wrestle and jolt on the canvas delivering a sense of the Baroque.  Scale is both liquid and relative guiding the eye across a cluster of dabs, fleckles and swathes; a process of expression with both obvious intent and evident accident.

In contrast to her paintings, Rachel’s coloured pen drawings are a build-up of anomalous outlines which create kaleidoscopic and psychedelic forms.  Elephants, deer, trees and birds take the form of variously shaped coloured swatches of rainbow lines. With increasing complexity and ever-reducing scale, these animals emerge from a background made up of nothing but blanch white paper.

Emotional matter gusts through Rachel’s work and in their complexity, they ensure a lengthy encounter that eventually leads to an interpretation of their blazing realness.

Mono, 10 Kings Court, Glasgow, G1 5RB
Sun – Thur, 11am – midnight, Fri & Sat, 11am – 1am