Ian Bruin

Ian Bruin is an artist working in Project Ability’s Aspire studios. He has a mixed practice of painting, drawing, animation and more. His artistic talent and skill has flourished in the past several years. In 2014 he was awarded a commendation for his short film titled ‘How do you get a poor penny off the road’ from the  national art competition, Create! Art For Autism. In 2019 he was one of five artists selected to represent Scotland at the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities (IASSID) conference here in Glasgow.

Ian initially found Project Ability via his school when he attended one of our summer animation classes;

“I have always loved drawing on paper and on my computer. I have been doing short animations since 2008 at home on my PC. My school art teacher got me started at Project Ability in the summertime doing a film-making course. I met Alan and Ben. They showed me how to use a camera to make an animation. I had never done this before. I started by drawing and painting my backgrounds, and then I made my figures.

My teachers showed me how to light up my backgrounds, and how to do stop frame animation with my figures. It took a really long time to do but it was great fun. Then they put it into the Mac software to make it into a proper film. I also liked meeting other people who liked doing the same things as me. They had really good ideas too. I love being at Project Ability.”

Ian 's Work