Lindsay Oliphant

Lindsay Oliphant regularly visits the vast online world of the Pokemon, and over time she has begun to develop and evolve aspects of this online world into her artistic practice. She has created personalities and characteristics that help distinguish the online creatures from one another. We first began to learn about this world when Lindsay would invigilate in the gallery, and she would always bring a Pokémon figure with her and tell us all about it. Lindsay works both on paper and canvas and on the computer, bringing her online world of Pokemon adventures into the art gallery for us all to enjoy.

As a young artist Lindsay already shows a deep commitment to her creative practice and is thoroughly engaged in her work. Lindsay’s imagination and the concepts and ideas behind her practice show a real depth and sincerity. It has been fascinating to learn more about this unusual creative practice, and we look forward to seeing how this body of work develops over time.

You can read more about the work behind these creations here in our blog.

Lindsay 's Work