Tommy Mason

Tommy Mason painting on canvas. Made in 2018 Project Ability Studios

Tommy Mason

Tommy Mason’s style is one of a kind. Once you have seen his work you will forever recognise A Tommy Mason. He has a quietly bold colour palette and his renditions of real life are beyond our wildest imagination. He creates his work almost effortlessly, without hesitation or self-consciousness. He is much loved in the studio by tutors and fellow artists alike for his warmth and inspirational creativity. With a playful sense of humor he composes his canvases full of his signature people/animals and trees. Despite having a strict vocabulary of forms, Tommy Mason’s artworks are always changing and evolving; he is an artist who carries forward his subjects from one painting to the next whilst keeping them fresh and unique.

In addition to large canvases, Tommy can be found filling up sketchbook upon sketchbook. He is as prolific an artist as they come, and is happy to work with pens, pencils, paint and more. Tommy Mason is a long-standing member of our Aspire Studios – a programme of art workshops designed for adults with learning disabilities.

If you are interested in learning more about Tommy and his work, or would like to purchase an artwork, please contact us at Many of the below artworks are for sale and a few of Tommy’s pieces are in our online shop!

Tommy 's Work