Artwork of the Week – ‘Cat’ by Lydia Kingsbury

Artwork of the Week is this adorable drawing of a cat by Create artist Lydia Kingsbury. ‘Cat’ is part of our annual Young Talent exhibition, featuring work from the young artists that work in our Create workshops. Lydia Kingsbury has been making lots of cat pictures, each one sweeter than the previous. For a young artist she clearly has a way with line, and this, combined with her love of cats, means she is fully equipped to create these adorable creatures and give each one a personality of its own!

Awhile back we first discovered Lydia’s cats when we spotted this drawing of a ginger cat in the studios. He inspired us to make our first ever enamel badges here at Project Ability.


You can find the Ginger Cat enamel pins in our gallery shop and also here in our online shop for £5 each!