Artwork of the Week – ‘The Question Concerning Technology’ by Pum

Our Artwork of the Week features another intriguing collage from our current exhibition ‘Earth Echo : Affective Reflection‘. The artist has written a number of legends to go along with some of the collages on show. For this piece tited ‘The Question Concerning Technology’ the artist has provided some insight into the ideas behind it:

Utopia and a garden of gently arching buds, bring forth a question concerning technology, the art, the skill, the method of devising, part of our human tradition that sprung forth – they looked and found the ground of being disclosed, under the myth of efficiency.  The grand scale, vision of the power of atomic energy, kinetic energy chemical energy, the life force of nature, captured, and enframed in the narrow minded myopic visions of a deluded science race. The answer to the question concerning technology?  Become  aware of its dangerous concealment, it hides and elides our human vulnerabilities  it wields illusions of power like weaponry, holding us up, hijacked and blindfolded to the true nature of our Being and Nothingness.

Tonight is the first Thursday of the month which means we will be open from 6-8 pm, along with many of the other galleries here at Trongate 103.