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Heritage lottery Group - Manchester

Last week the Heritage Lottery Group took an overnight trip to Manchester. Our main goal was to see the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection at the Whitworth but we saw much more.

We met early Wednesday morning at Glasgow central and took the train down to Manchester, changing at Preston; the journey was around three and a half hours. When we arrived we went straight to Manchester Art Gallery where we had lunch. We then spent an hour exploring the gallery, everyone splitting up in order to see what they were most interested in. After we regrouped it was a short walk to our hotel where we checked in and found our rooms. We regrouped again to head out to dinner ending up in a Malaysian restaurant, which was delicious.

Heritage lottery Group - Manchester

In the morning after breakfast we took taxi’s over to the Whitworth, where we meet with Holly Grange who as curator of the collection was showing it to us. Holly gave us a very interesting talk about the collection and also the term outsider art and how it can polarise people. The art was collected by Victor Musgrave and Monika Kinley and is the largest collection of outsider art in the world. The pieces were collected from around the world, bought from, swapped or gifted the the couple by the artists. After Victor Musgrave’s death, Monika Kinley continued to travel, reaching out to anywhere she thought undiscovered artists might be. The collection was given to the Whitworth in 2010 and is displayed in an integrated fashion along side high art.

Heritage lottery Group - Manchester Heritage lottery Group - Manchester

We were able to request some pieces to be shown and luckily most were available to us. We had a fun little exercise of choosing a piece each and along with a sheet containing facts on the artist, we had to present a little opinion speech on our chosen artwork. This was harder for some than others as there was very little known about many artists. It was a very interesting task and I personally wish we had been there longer to have done that with more than one piece. We then explored the current exhibitions on at the Whitworth before taking a bus to the train station. Going home, we were on a direct train and arrived back early evening. It was a wonderful trip with so much to learn and take in from it.
-Morag Macgilchrist

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