Garvald Residency – Week 2

garvald residency week 2

On Thursday and Friday last week, we welcomed Garvald artists David and Kwok for the second week of their residency at Project Ability.

“This time David and Kwok had an overnight in Glasgow in a hotel, which meant the artists could work two days in a row and travel less. And it also meant a lovely meal out!

We were welcomed by the Thursday group and one artist, Rehan Yusuf, came and sat with Kwok and drew a portrait of each of us. It was lovely to be included in his drawing.

Kwok was supported by tutors Meredith and Valerie to print both an etching and a collograph plate over the two days. The artist printed a blank, dry print from the raised collograph plate with no ink, which will be interesting for him to work into with some water-colour paint. Putting the plate through the press on its own created big indents, which Kwok will be able to feel as he works. He thoroughly enjoyed the printing process and is full of ideas of what to do next. “Enjoyed dry cardboard with Valerie. Messy. I like messy. Caught red handed!”, he said.

David was busy painting over the two days and got all the leaves on his trees painted in the different colours he had planned. He decided on colours to represent each season. He started adding different tones of colours as a second layer on some of the dryer bits of oil paint. “I liked using all the different colours of paint. This week I put the leaves on the trees all different colours, white, pink, green, brown, yellow, orange, red and white. I like the oil paints. They are quality.”

We had a chat with Mike Inglis who is making a structure as part of his residency and got a great recommendation for a place to eat which was the Italian Kitchen. It was delicious.

David and Kwok were having lots of ideas as the days went on, and we spoke a bit about what they would like to do in the last two days. David would like to try printing after seeing Kwok make his prints, and Kwok -who is a keen ceramicist- would like to try making some ceramics in the Project Ability ceramic studio.

It has been really interesting: as the time has gone so fast, and as they are immersed and learning new processes and materials, ideas are starting to tumble out of the artists. I am sure this is a huge development time for both artists. At Garvald, we work in half day sessions so it is interesting to see how the artists immerse themselves working for the whole day, two days in a row. We look forward to being back this week.”
-Morven Macrae

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