Terry Williams Residency – Part 2

Terry Williams Venture Arts Residency

Terry Williams finished the second part of his residency in our studios last Friday, and the Venture Arts artist once again produced beautiful art! He finished the two large paintings started the previous week, projecting text onto his canvases and colouring them in with small oil sticks. He later used colourful inks on top of the text. The artist also experimented with new techniques, trying his hand at printmaking.

“I liked scratching the metal” he said, and “that wheel, wheeling it round all the time. Bit heavy that wheel, wasn’t it?”

Terry Williams Residency

Terry Williams residency

As well as gaining “New experiences, lots of experiences, yeah“, Terry and tutor Martin continued their exploration of the city, with a particular fondness for Glasgow’s subway!

“I liked the tube. I thought the first week was good, going on the buses, but now this!

Terry Williams Residency

During their stay, Martin projected some of Terry’s work on to walls and surfaces across the city, creating beautiful ephemeral scenes.

Terry Williams residency Terry Williams residency

When asked if he’d miss Glasgow, Terry replied: “Oh yes I’ll miss Scotland, yeah. I didn’t want to go home when I was up there. I’ll miss the buses. I’ll miss the rides mostly(on public transport). I might be going back though, I might be invited back. I’ll wait till I get a letter first.”

We thoroughly enjoyed having Terry in our studios and seeing his creative process. And we have a feeling we’ll see him again soon!



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