GSA & Re-Connect Nature Project

Despite the challenges of the past year, we are delighted that we could still work with students from Glasgow School of Art – albeit virtually, with online art sessions hosted over Zoom. Remi, one of this years students, worked with ReConnect artists to create work in weekly online workshops around the themes of nature and environment. We had a chat with Remi to find out more about their project:

“I have been working with ReConnect artists at Project Ability and participating in weekly Zoom workshop sessions based on themes of nature and environment.

Following these themes, my project has been exploring ideas around a view from a window. During the current national lockdown, the window symbolises connecting to the outside world and a point of view. In my own art practice, I am interested in the domestic space, how this can be intimate. Exploring and sharing everyday life might be another way of connecting to one another.
I had the opportunity of leading one of the zoom sessions in February, in which seven artists participated. In the session, I have asked them to draw a picture of gazing out of the window in my home in Tokyo, Japan. Showing the image of domestic space was like inviting them into my home. Even though many of them may never visit my country, this may give them an insight into my life. After the sessions, the artists have been invited to continue exploring this theme by developing artworks of the view through their own window at home.

Art is like a communication tool. By sharing drawings, I feel that I am getting to know each artist from a creative perspective and seeing their unique style. This subtle process was somehow so warm and welcoming for me. As a neurodiverse artist with lived experience of mental health difficulties, I have really enjoyed my time with amazing peers!”