GSA Project: Cameron Bridgeman

Artist, John Cocozza, pointing at at some collage work pinned to the gallery wall

Since the beginning of the year Project Ability has welcomed five students from The Glasgow School of Art to work alongside their artists at Trongate103.

The five students have been sharing ideas, working collaboratively and exploring new art mediums with the regular Project Ability artists.

Each student’s project will contribute to their final degree in ‘Sculpture and Environmental Art.

This week we would like to introduce you to Cameron Bridgeman. Cameron has been working closely with John Cocozza, here are a few words from Cameron about his work so far:


“I have recently been working collaboratively with John Cocozza who attends the Aspire workshops at Project Ability. My aim is to help him create a body of work that slowly encourages John to take some risks with his artwork. I want to take him out of his comfort zone and get him thinking more about 3D works that will focus on a variety of materials, their shapes, colours and form.

So far John and I have experimented with taking photographs of various materials and making drawings of the shapes we find most interesting. This has been a good way to get ideas flowing. From there we have taken this process further by making collages with the images to create interesting shapes and patterns. I encourage him to keep the process of making and re-making going, continuing to document the work with drawings and photographs.

John is very ambitions and is excited to push his work to the next level. Being able to work with him is very rewarding and we have started the project with a lot of enthusiasm. I have been introducing John to the same working process that I take in my own studio work.  I want to encourage John to push the work as far as he can and to not overthink things, to let the work come naturally throughout the weeks but most of all to have fun.”

You can follow Cameron Bridgeman’s work on Instagram at @c.bridgeman1

Project Ability artist John Cocozza looking at collages work that is pinned to the gallery wall.

Glasgow school of art student, Cameron Bridgeman is presenting to a group of artists about his current project

close up of John Cocozza's hands making collaged art work

Close up of a collage by John Cocozza