GSA Project: Holly Smith

Since the beginning of the year, Project Ability has welcomed five students from The Glasgow School of Art to work alongside their artists at Trongate103.

The five students have been sharing ideas, working collaboratively and exploring new art mediums with the regular Project Ability artists.

Each student’s project will contribute to their final degree in ‘Sculpture and Environmental Art’.

This week we would like to introduce you to the work of Holly Smith!

“My time at Project Ability has allowed me to explore the idea of individuality and the alter egos we could become to allow us to be more confident version of ourselves. I have been working with the Friday Aspire group, particularly Doreen and Ian, and have been inspired by the work they have made, the source materials they have been working from and the conversations we have had while working together in the studio.
I have been very inspired by the art form of Drag and the outfits worn to transform someone into their more confident alter egos. Inspired by this I created some textile work in response to Doreen’s painting of Mary Queen of Scots, and have been working with Ian’s help to create a series of ceramic wigs, of all the hairstyles we wish we could have.
I always find Project Ability such a fun and inspired environment to be in and the support, encouragement and humour of the other artists working in the studios has had a massive benefit to my own well being and my practise, I have been incredibly lucky to be given this opportunity and I intend to continue this project by collaborating with my friend and fellow GSA student Jack McElroy to create a fun workshop/event for open for everyone to come along and celebrate their alter egos.”
You can follow more of Holly’s work on Instagram here
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