Volunteer of the week: Ella Frost

painting by Ella Frost, Volunteer at Project Ability

What better time to look back and reflect on the fantastic volunteers that we had at Project Ability over the last few months. Each week we’ll highlight a different volunteer and share some of their experiences from inside the art studio. This week we’re talking to Ella Frost:

In what workshop did/do you volunteer?

Aspire Workshop on Tuesday Mornings.

Why did you apply to volunteer at Project Ability?

I have been a follower of Project Ability’s work for a while and have wanted to be able to help support the work that they do. Also, being able to work with adults with learning disabilities was something I had never done before and was eager to try.

Has your experience lived up to your expectations?

Yes definitely and more so! I thought initially that it would take me some time to feel comfortable in the space, however, the joy and openness of the guys in Aspire meant it was so easy to become part of the fun and help!

What have you learned from your experience in our workshops?

I have learned how to be free in the approach of making Art. Having a creative and flexible understanding of making work was great to see in every person I worked with. I feel this had a real impact on my own work.

Do you have a favourite Project Ability artist or artwork that has stood out for you?

They were all so unique in their work but Martin, Amnir and Frank stood out to me the most. I loved building up an understanding of their approach.

Would you recommend others to volunteer with us?

For sure yes!! I already have two friends who would love to get involved!

Thank you so much Ella for giving up your time and volunteering with Project Ability!

Ella was inspired by a studio image from our Instagram account and created her own artwork from it and would love to share it with the whole community at Project Ability! Here it is:

painting by Ella Frost, Volunteer at Project Ability Ella Frost, Volunteer at Project Ability