Meet the Volunteers – Ailsa Sutcliffe

Meet the Volunteers – Ailsa Sutcliffe

For this week’s Meet the Volunteers, we’d like to introduce you to the wonderful Ailsa Sutcliffe, who has become an honorary member of our Friday Aspire group!

“I started volunteering with Project Ability (Aspire) shortly after graduating from art school last year.  I had become quite disillusioned with the art world after four years of working in an intense collegiate environment, but Project Ability changed my outlook almost immediately.  Seeing the members of the group I work with enjoy making work every week and not worrying about imperfections or fussing over tiny details totally altered the way I had been thinking about making work and inspired me to keep going and try things that are out of my comfort zone.

As an illustrator and a designer I am used to working on small things; books, posters, leaflets.  The group is always aspiring (pun intended) to go bigger and bolder and are not afraid of colour, new techniques or working quickly.  On my first day I remember watching Jonathan McKinstry fill a six foot canvas in about an hour, it was amazing!  The group is really prolific and enthusiastic about making, and making for fun.  It’s incredibly refreshing to be immersed in such a relaxed and inspiring environment where such a broad range of work is being produced.

We’ve also taken the workshop on tour to Kelvingrove Museum and Summerlee Museum of Industrial Life which has been great; I’m fascinated by museums and collections of artefacts and it was really interesting to observe the group respond creatively to the environments, there were some great results.

Going to Project Ability on Fridays has become the highlight of my week, so much so I’ve stayed on for an extra couple of blocks because I wasn’t ready to leave!  You can never feel glum when you’re around such a nice bunch of people, and I’m really grateful to have been given the opportunity of meeting and working with them all.”

Many thanks to Ailsa and all our fantastic volunteers!

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