Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week! An annual campaign, this year’s theme is ‘Surviving or Thriving?‘ To mark the week, we visited Project Ability’s ReConnect studio, and spoke to a couple of our artists about the ways in which the ReConect workshops have helped them.

“Project Ability is a life-line; a sanctuary; somewhere I can come and not be judged and am free to be myself and people understand my struggle. It gets me out into the world and stops me hiding away.”

“When I started at Project Ability it gave me a reason for going out. I felt safe, calmer and not worried about what people think or say. It gave me confidence to do other things. I always get encouragement whether from other artists or staff. They also understand if you are having a ‘bad day’ and leave much happier with yourself.”

Visit our website to find out more about Project Ability’s ReConnect programme. You can also find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week and the Mental Health Foundation by clicking here.

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