Robin from Newton Dee (European Art Summit 2019)

For The European Art Summit we are welcoming artists and their support studios to Project Ability to meet each other, work together and build connections. The second artist and studio we would like to introduce to you is…. Robin from NewtonDee.

Meet Robin!

Robin Wise has lived in Aberdeen since 1991, coming originally from Stirling. Robin views the world from a unique perspective. You can
see this reflected in his artwork. The lines and angles that he chooses to draw are the parts that stand out and interest him. His choice of two-tone black and white drawings enhances the two-dimensional quality of his work. This becomes especially evident in his exploration of the width and depth of lines rather than shading.

Robin has been developing his artistic style for many years. A self-taught artist, Robin is thankful that he has been enabled by those around him to have space and support to develop his skills and individual style. Robin was recognised as being on the Autism Spectrum shortly after his birth in 1961. He lives in Newton Dee, an intentional community on the outskirts of Aberdeen that supports adults with learning difficulties and other special needs.

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