Volunteer if the week: Hannah Reynolds

This week we’re chatting (from home!) with Hannah, one of Project Ability’s volunteers from the last block of classes. A huge thank you to all our volunteers who do the most amazing work with our artists.

In what workshop did/do you volunteer?

I volunteer in the ReConnect group on Friday mornings.

Why did you apply to volunteer at Project Ability?

I applied after hearing from a number of friends what a positive experience they’d had whilst volunteering here. I also wanted to learn more about the organisation, having enjoyed their exhibitions and events at Trongate over the last few years.

Has your experience lived up to your expectations?

Definitely. It has exceeded my expectations. Everyone was very welcoming and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the artists and learning from their creative processes. The facilities are excellent and I found the tutors to be so warm and encouraging.

What have you learned from your experience in our workshops?

I’ve benefitted a great deal from talking with the artists about their work. It’s been really refreshing and confidence building to work in a supported studio environment and I picked up skills in hand building and glazing in the ceramics room from the artists which has, in turn, benefited my own studio practice for sure.

Do you have a favourite Project Ability artist or art work that has stood out for you?

I loved working with Elizabeth on a drawing of her cats looking out of her window. We worked collaboratively and it was great getting to know her better. I was also inspired week on week by how dedicated and ambitious everyone is in the ceramics room. Zoe’s Doris Day bust and mushroom vessels were also great to see in the making, she has a wealth of knowledge and an enviable imagination.

Would you recommend others to volunteer with us?

Absolutely. It’s an incredibly friendly environment and there is such diversity in the work produced from week to week which is great to see. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and would recommend it to anyone considering volunteering.

Any other comments you’d like to share?

A massive thank you to Celine and Tracy for being so welcoming and accommodating and to the other workshop leaders for also inviting me to talks and exhibitions of works from artists out-with ReConnect. It was a privilege to see what was going on across all of Project Ability’s workshops.