Volunteer of The Week: Sarah Bentley

Looking back to our wonderful volunteers from the start of 2020! Here’s a short interview with Sarah Bentley about her experience at Project Ability:


In what workshop did/do you volunteer?

Aspire Monday afternoons


 Why did you apply to volunteer at Project Ability?

 I visited last autumn and was inspired by the workspaces, atmosphere and the ethos. My reason for volunteering was to just be a part of the project. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am saddened that for the moment it can’t happen.


Has your experience lived up to your expectations?

 Yes definitely!


What have you learned from your experience in our workshops?

 That with the right support, the artists are able to work in any medium.


Do you have a favourite Project Ability artist or artwork that has stood out for you?

Mathew’s cheerful exuberance is infectious, whether he’s flicking bright brush loads of paint onto a large canvas or drawing tiny circles on an A3 sheet. He makes everyone feel delighted to be there.


Would you recommend others to volunteer with us?

 Yes, you will want to keep going back. I certainly do!

Sarah Bentley, volunteer at Project Ability  





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