Critters Creepers Crawlers, Sprouting Solitary Soarers

29th April 2022 all-day
01595 859539
Critters Creepers Crawlers, Sprouting Solitary Soarers @ GAADA

We are celebrating textisles with work by Shetland-based Elie Coutts and our own central belter Cameron Morgan.

This exhibition was on show here at Project Ability in Glasgow initially, and it has now moved up to Shetland!

Collaborating at a distance, sharing inspirations via zoom, Elie and Cameron have created a double-sided flag, which following its exhibition at Trongate 103, has traveled to Gaada in Shetland.

On one side Morgan’s perching pigeon by Morgan, reflecting his urban inspirations, and on the other side, Coutts’ gull soars through a stark open sky.

Alongside the flags are tapestries and embroideries by the two artists. Morgan’s embroidery work bursts with colour taken from his urban surrounds, whilst Coutts’ pieces use a limited pallet and negative space, reflecting the the vast landscapes of Shetland and the colours of an island winter.

Morgan captures city critters, creepers and crawlers with expressive embroidery stitches – these are presented in circular mounts to reference the jarl shields of Shetland’s Viking history.