Aspire at Platform

Dates: 23 June, 2017 - 27 August, 2017
Location: Platform, The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road, Glasgow G34 9JW

Aspire at Platform

Tony Higgins abstract

2017 brings another new and fresh collection of paintings from the Project Ability studios in Trongate 103. Each year we are delighted to exhibit a selection of the large scale paintings that have been created over the past year. Platform provides us with an exceptional space to display these artworks to the public, and we are grateful for this annual opportunity.

This year’s exhibition features 18 artists and 21 paintings, all made in our Aspire and Create studios.

It is rare to have a space to exhibit paintings of such a large scale, and many of our artists love working big. Platform, The Bridge in Easterhouse also has a library, swimming pool, theatre and a huge programme of events and workshops.

They’ve got a café too so stop in for a drink and check out the exhibition!

Exhibiting artists: Andrew Boyle, Brian McGinnis, Cameron Morgan, David Esselmont, Edward Henry, James Clayton, Jamie Smith, Jim Douglas, John Cocozza, John McNaught, Jonathan McKinstry, Judith Abubakar, Lewis Scott, Martin Sloss, Rehan Yousuf, Ronnie McCulloch, Tommy Mason,Tony Higgins.

(Image : ‘untitled’ by Tony Higgins)