Solo Showcase: Michael McMullan

Dates: 18 October, 2018 - 27 October, 2018
Reception: 22 October, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Location: Project Ability Gallery, 1st Floor, Trongate 103, Glasgow
Admission: Free

Solo Showcase: Michael McMullan

Superman and car (2018)

Project Ability is delighted to present a selection of artwork by Aspire artist Michael McMullan. McMullan has been attending Project Ability for several years now, and his creativity and unique style continue to develop and become more and more remarkable each year.

McMullan’s work often follows a superhero theme, with references to all sorts of super human characters. The artist has several self-portraits in this exhibition as well, including a small series of belly dancing drawings – another one of McMullan’s favourite pastimes.

Many of the pieces in this exhibition have been made in the last year, and almost all of them focus on the figure. The artist is very sociable and you can feel his kind and fun loving nature in each of his works of art. McMullan has proven himself to be a very popular artist with Project Ability, often selling his large scale canvases from our group exhibitions. He regularly sells smaller paintings and drawings from our gallery shop as well as our online shop.

His work has a charm and charisma which beams out off of the surface of each piece. His figures have a defined look to them, making it easy to spot a Michael McMullan. He has most recently shown his work in the exhibition ‘An Extraordinary Gathering’ at the Edinburgh College of Art.

We have admired his work for some time now and felt it was well deserved that he be given this opportunity to take over our entire gallery for a short time. We are sure our visitors will love this solo showcase. Congratulations Michael McMullan!!!